Thursday, October 09, 2008

"The One" versus "That One"

Is it "the one" or "that one"? It depends on John McCain's mood. The Republican apparently believes both designations are equally appropriate for his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama. In an exchange on energy in Tuesday night's debate, McCain referred to Obama as "that one". The Democrats immediately claimed the comment as evidence of his disdain for Obama. In the spin alley after the debate, Obama aides labored strenuously to make the case that McCain's use of the words "that one" exposed the Republican candidate as angry and erratic and - not so subtly - old. However the Republican candidate's utterance made much less impact on television viewers than it did on spin doctors. The alleged dissing of Obama did not gain much traction yesterday, And it turns out McCain is equally at home with calling Obama "the one" - a reference Republicans believe shows up the Democrats' messianic pretensions...
- Suzanne Goldenberg, "Spin doctors hype McCain's disdain for rival," The Guardian (Thursday 9 October 2008), p 22.

"The difference between the two is otiose, even immaterial," conservative godfather William F Buckley opined [on] Thursday in an interview via ouija board, "since the Latin for both appellations (ille Unus) is tantamount - nay, coterminous entire - therewith."

"Appalachians? Haw! You dumb rightwingnuts!" sneered the New York Times' EJ Dionne. "Palin and her husband Todd may be Appalachians, but everyone knows McCain is a Panamite and that Obama comes from Hawaii, the 57th State."
UPDATE: The ouija board from WFB goes haywire. "Throw him off the yacht!"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paging Lani Guinier

Iraqi Parliament repeals a law reserving seats for ethnic and/or religious minorities - mainly Christians, but also Shabeks and Yazidis (what, no sympathy for the Devil in Baghdad?) - which prompts conservative American Christians to realise that "quotas" is, perhaps, not semper et ubique a horror word.